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My passion for exploring new destinations and crafting unique experiences has taken me to several destinations around the world including trekking across over 35 States, through the enchanting landscapes of the Caribbean, and into the heart of Europe. Whether planning a destination vacation or a trip around the world, I’ve covered it all. Whatever your travel needs are, I’m here to help.

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French Riviera Marseille France

My Story

I'm Cate, and I live and breathe travel. As your personal travel planner, I'm here to turn your travel dreams into extraordinary journeys filled with unforgettable moments.

My love for exploring new cities, cultures, and experiences started early in life. From the moment I took my first trip, I was hooked. Over the years, my wanderlust has taken me to breathtaking destinations all around the globe. The thrill of discovering new places, trying local cuisines, and meeting people from diverse backgrounds has enriched my life in countless ways.


One of the unique aspects of my travel expertise is my dual citizenship in Ireland. This special connection to the Emerald Isle allows me to offer exclusive insights into the culture, history, and beauty of Ireland. Whether you dream of tracing your family roots or simply experiencing the enchantment of the Irish landscape, my knowledge and connections in Ireland can make your journey extraordinary.

I understand that every traveler is unique, and I am dedicated to creating tailor-made itineraries that suit your interests, preferences, and budget. From family vacations to romantic getaways, adventure trips to cultural explorations, I'm here to transform your travel dreams into reality.

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